McCreary Co Schools Notification Systems


The McCreary County School District uses One Call Now as the primary communications method to keep our families informed about such things as school closings, important district events, or during an emergency type situation where we need to quickly inform a large number of people. The One Call Now service also provides "text messaging" capability in addition to voice message delivery options. Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link for more information about the One Call Now Service and how to add, remove, or modify your phone contact information.

With the addition of our new district website, we also have another communication tool now at our disposal. This service is called "Notify Me" and it is intended to be used to relay non-emergency type information such as school or district academic-related or sporting-type events to those that wish to receive this type of information. Notify Me provides both "text messaging" and "email" delivery capabilities that we intend to utilize moving forward. Please select the Frequently Asked Questions link for more information about the Notify Me service.

To sign up for the Notify Me service please click on the Notify Me button below:

Sign up to our NotifyMe© service.