Alert: McCreary County School District bus #1907 was involved in an accident on Hwy 90 at approximately 3:45 pm. Emergency personnel report that ALL students and the driver are safe and unharmed. Preliminary information obtained from law enforcement indicates a vehicle side-swiped bus #1907 causing minor damage to the bus mirror. Consequently, the bus entered the ditch on the roadway. McCreary County Sheriff’s Department, McCreary County School District SROs and the McCreary County Ambulance Department responded and currently on the scene. Again, we are happy to report that ALL students and the driver are safe and unharmed. Respectfully, Michael M. Cash Superintendent, McCreary County School District
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Student Attendance

An education means a brighter future

It gives your child the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge and skills for future success
  • Discover new interests
  • Develop positive relationships
  • Learn how to manage time
  • Learn how to set goals - and reach them
  • Prepare for college, work or the military


The Dangers of Truancy

An unexcused absence from school is called truancy.  Truancy puts students at risk for many problems, including:

  • poor grades
  • involvement with gangs
  • teen pregnancy
  • alcohol or other drug use
  • criminal behavior

Truancy also increases the risk that students will drop out of school.  And high school dropouts are more likely to:

  • be unemployed
  • earn less money than high school and college graduates
  • be dependant on public assistance
  • serve time in prison


Be Involved

Students have better attendance, and more success in school when parents are involved

You play a big role in your child's success at school!

Set Limits on:

  • watching TV
  • surfing the internet
  • playing video games
  • working at part-time jobs

Ask specific questions about school, such as:

  • What did you learn today?
  • Who did you talk to today?
  • Do you have homework?