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The greater vision of the McCreary County Schools Leadership team is to faithfully serve each other, our students, staff, and the families of our community with respect, honesty and integrity in order to carry out our district mission of making a positive impact in the lives of all citizens of the McCreary County School District.


Dear Parent/Guardian:

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The Title I program is specifically designed to assist districts and schools with providing all students an equal opportunity to reach their potential and achieve proficiency.​

It is also designed to provide additional assistance to those students that may be at risk of educational failure and not learning to their potential.​

To provide some perspective on how much McCreary County benefits from Title I dollars, the state of Kentucky receives roughly $230 million dollars from the federal government.  Of that $230 million, McCreary County typically receives approximately $1.9 million Title I funds.​

In order to distribute that among schools, the district weighs the poverty percentages at each school, often using the free and reduced lunch data, and determines the best ways in serving the schools.  It is so important to fill out those forms regardless that our district is a CEP district.​

In order to provide the most effective programs, the funds are distributed to McCreary County Middle School, Pine Knot  Primary, Pine Knot Intermediate, and Whitley City Elementary.  

These funds pay for many staff in each building.  The school principals and site- based decision making councils, in conjunction with their stakeholders, identify needs within the schools and develop plans for how the school Title I allocations are utilized.  

Title I Funds Pay for:​

McCreary County Middle School

·         Six Certified teachers & 1 Classified Instructional Assistant​

·         Instructional resources, including textbooks

Whitley City Elementary

·         Seven teachers​

·         One instructional assistant​

·         Instructional Resources, including textbooks

Pine Knot Intermediate School

·         Five certified teachers

·         Instructional Resources, including textbooks

Pine Knot Primary

·         Five Certified teachers & 1 ​Classified Instructional Assistant

·         Instructional resources, including textbooks

School News

As you may be aware, there is a solar eclipse scheduled to occur on Monday, April 8, 2024. In the interest of ensuring the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community, the McCreary County School District has decided to close all schools on this day as a precautionary measure. This closure does not change the scheduled last day of school for students.

During this closure, we encourage parents and guardians to take this opportunity to engage with their children in educational activities related to the solar eclipse, emphasizing the importance of proper eye protection and safe viewing practices. Resources and information on safe eclipse viewing can be found on reputable websites such as NASA's Eclipse 2024 website.

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