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Career Pathways at McCreary Central High School

McCreary Central High School  has placed a targeted focus on the implementation of career pathways that lead to job opportunities in Kentucky’s top five industry sectors and has committed itself to a seamless weaving of career pathways from middle school to the post-secondary world. In order to achieve this Work Ready initiative, the McCreary County School District has partnered with the Lake Cumberland Area District Development WIOA Support Services, Workforce Development, the Kentucky Department of Labor, the Kentucky Department of Education, regional businesses and post-secondary institutions, to establish Career and Technical Education dual credit courses and TRACK apprenticeship opportunities for students.  Because of the commitment to a Work Ready community, the McCreary County School District, in partnership with Workforce Solutions, has expanded those opportunities to the adult population by launching an adult education welding program located at McCreary Central High School, with 100% of the participants leaving with industry credentials beneficial to local businesses who are currently seeking to fill positions.   In order to establish an integrated pathway, students are provided with opportunities to participate in career pathway options during middle school, declare a career major at the end of their sophomore year, are provided opportunities for job shadowing, co-op and industry certifications in each pathway.  To keep CTE teachers current in their pathway’s technology and industry needs, externship opportunities are provided.  Here teachers connect with business leaders, establish advisory council memberships and explore job shadowing and coop opportunities.  To complete the transition to the post-secondary world, the #BeyondTheDiploma initiative partners students with career guidance personnel who insure that once students walk across the stage at graduation, they are “handshaked” off to the next stage of their career.    


Check out the link below to see what Career Pathways are currently offered at McCreary Central High School 

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